Behind every endeavor, great and small, is a story. The Nexus story begins with four people who each had a burden to impact the city of Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and beyond.


We came from different backgrounds and different areas of the country, but we all landed at the same church in Indianapolis. As we connected and shared our dreams, we began to ask, “What would happen if more business owners ran their companies with specific intentions for community impact?”


Clearly, God was orchestrating a much bigger story. Nexus was founded on Christian faith principles to make a positive difference in the world. Today, the Nexus Impact Center with coworking, office and event space, is a place where social entrepreneurs gather, is the culmination of this dream. All are welcome as we work together to create impact.


We’ve come a long way…and have a long way to go. Won’t you join us in making impact?




“Nexus” means connection. At Nexus Impact Center, people unite to do good. You’re not in this alone! Join our community where even our name suggests the deep connection we share.

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Mission: The Nexus Impact Center unites, inspires, and resources people to cultivate impact-driven business models.

Vision: We endeavor to create an equitable* world through collective impact. *equitable =  accessible, inclusive, sustainable for all. 

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"What if more business owners ran their companies 
with specific intentions for community impact?"









Robin is passionate about the potential brewing to make genuine collective impact through businesses and nonprofits who are evolving with smarter, more innovative impact focused business models. Robin is a CPA and started her career as an auditor for KPMG with a focus on nonprofits and governments.  She has worked for nearly 3 decades in government, ministries and most recently a small foundation gaining multiple perspectives on how our society is trying to address social issues and struggling to make progress.  

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Janet has a Bachelor's from Purdue University and Master's in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She has worked for small businesses and has had her own small business.  Janet enjoys working with small businesses to watch them unleash their potential.  With a degree in hospitality, she has enjoyed working as the H7 Network Director of Member Success at the H7 corporate office, which enables her to utilize her skills of working with teams, special events and following her passion to help others grow both professionally and personally.  She is a native to Indy,  volunteers in the community and serves on leadership with other groups such as American Business Women’s Association.  



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Karmen is helping us fill a staffing gap until we hire a full-time office and events coordinator. She is the owner of Heart's Joy and a valued Nexus member.  As a divine synergist, she helps shed light on the paths of those who are open to living a life of freedom, self-awareness, passion, and clarity about their purpose in life.  Through a number of offerings, Heart's Joy enables people to learn how to trust their inner-knowing and get clarity about how to move forward in all aspects of life.

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As CEO, instructor & author, Dora knows how to help corporate leaders create world-impacting, highly profitable business strategies.  At GivingSpring, her second business, Dora coaches both global organizations and social startups to set a vision for impact and drive execution. She has also created and teaches the course “Business Planning for Social Entrepreneurs” at Purdue University. She earned her Shared Value certification in 2016, subsequently serving as the Chair of the Global Council for IMPACT 2030, a cross-sector initiative alongside the UN. 




Tom is the CEO and Founder of Epeenoire, a human resource tech firm that helps socially conscious companies hire socially conscious vendors in the HR space.  He is committed to move the needle for social good.  Tom has 30 years serving as a pension and health care actuary for Fortune 500 and Main Street companies. Half of his career has been spent running companies with two successful exits. He invested in his community through various board roles and also taught the next generation of actuaries at Notre Dame.




Miranda is  Vice President of Human Resources Services at Milestone Business Solutions Inc., a professional services firm for businesses of all sizes and specialities.  Miranda’s passion is people, their well-being and development. Her coaching mindset and powers of persuasion help her to cast a vision and rally her teams and stakeholders to achieve big things, together. .




Derrin is the Founder and CPO of ProAct Indy, a social enterprise nonprofit that has trained and led teams to engage over 25,000 boys and girls and corporate employees. Derrin is a results-driven servant leader who believes in the importance of relationships and teaching leadership through service, because vulnerable people do not care how much you know, they want to know how much you care. As a highly sought-after speaker, training facilitator and consultant, Derrin educates on such issues as diversity and equity, community engagement strategies for businesses and nonprofits, and schools.  

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Jessica is the VP of Community Impact with ProAct Indy in Indianapolis. She is a relationship-focused leader whose passion lies in corporate responsibility and community engagement. Holding true to the words "In order to receive, one must give," Jessica finds her fulfillment in educating and consulting her enterprise level clients on the fruitful impact they create by pouring resources back into their communities. Her decade of experience in sales has resulted in equitable employment for marginalized communities. Jessica's commitment to serve is best illustrated by her board service and relentless fundraising efforts to support mission driven nonprofits.

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Bryan Orander is President of Charitable Advisors and Publisher of the Not-for-profit News. Bryan has been consulting with nonprofit organizations across Indiana for 25 years. Bryan and his team publish the Not-for-profit News and Central Indiana Nonprofit Job Board to 13,000 subscribers each week while seeking to inform, connect, and inspire nonprofits in making central Indiana a great place to live. Most of Charitable Advisors consulting work is now focused around succession planning and affordable executive search for Executive Directors and CEOs of small to midsized nonprofits.