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The deadline has passed to join in on the January 
Challenge, if we get enough interest, we will be doing it again.  

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Leader Board

Links below to track team points.  Each Monday we will update the leader board with the points reported, so work hard to earn your way to the top!

Team                      Points


Teams of 3-5

Meet new people at Nexus and use the team dynamic as a source of motivation!

points to contribute to team total

Team totals and rankings will be shared to drive friendly competition!

Develop positive habits!

Challenge period is Jan. 18th- Feb. 18th.  Winning team will earn prizes!



Watch the videos for proper form and benefits of each exercise.

NexusWalking Backwards.png

100 points = 200 steps

Nexus Walking Forward.png

200 points = per flight


100 points = 1000 steps

NexusWalking Backwards.png

400 points = per flight

Nexus Lunges.png

300 points = 10 lunges each leg


200 points = 5 squats


200 points = 10 squats


300 points = 10 leg circles each leg

Weekly Rhythms = 4,000 for each goal reached weekly

In an effort to develop healthy habits, the points in these categories are awarded based on achieving these goals 5 out of 7 days of the week (ideally 5 consecutive days).   You earn either 4,000 or 0 in each category for the week.  You will get double points when you accomplish the goal during multiplier week!


Water Intake:  

1 oz per 2 lbs of body weight

Stop Eating:

3 hours before bed

Pick 2-3 of these nutrition tips to focus on improving in your diet instead of starting a restrictive diet:

  1. Stay hydrated

  2. Avoid sugary drinks

  3. Avoid ultra processed foods

  4. Eat fatty fish

  5. Eat whole eggs

  6. Feed your gut bacteria with probiotics, and plenty of fiber

  7. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies

  8. Eat adequate protein - it increases your metabolic rate

  9. Limit red meat, bacon and lunchmeat

  10. Take Vitamin D - with the grey winters in Indiana, it is very difficult to get sufficient Vitamin D!

  11. Use healthy anti-inflamatory oils like extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oils.

  12. Limit refined carbs and sugar

  13. Use plenty of herbs and spices - many have health benefits


Find out more about these tips here.



5 days a week

Nexus Journaling.png

Factors contributing to good mental health include getting plenty of sleep for your mind to reset.  Eating healthy and exercising both fights anxiety and depression, and stress.

Other Key Practices:

  1. Practicing gratitude and staying positive

  2. Relaxation techniques

  3. Journaling

  4. Spiritual practices like prayer, meditation, and self-reflection. 

  5. Counseling

  6. Connection with others - so just doing this challenge in a team environment with shared goals can contribute your positive mental health!



7+ hours of sleep/night

Nexus Resting.png

Although individual sleep needs vary, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that adults should sleep 7 or more hours per night on a regular basis to promote optimal health and productivity.


Healthy sleep reduces the risk of drowsy driving, workplace accidents, mental health problems such as depression, obesity, and medical conditions such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Further, skimping on sleep sets your brain up to make bad decisions. It dulls activity in the brain’s frontal lobe, the locus of decision-making and impulse control.  

Reach the goal for the designated  activity during multiplier weeks and earn double points for that activity that week!

Multiplier Weeks 

January 18th

January 25th

February 1st

February 8th

Water Week

Walking  Week

Sleep Week

Journal Week

30 Day Challenge: January 18th - February 19th

Nexus Resting.png
Nexus Journaling.png

The Rules

  1. Only activities listed above will be awarded points.  *After the 1st 30 days, there will be an opportunity to suggest changes to activities if/when we do this regularly.  

  2. All completed activities will only be counted if taken place during the Wellness challenge, (12:00 a.m. January 18th and ends at midnight, February 18th).  

  3. Participants agree to self reporting their progress on activities to earn points.  

  4. Activities may be completed anywhere.  

  5. Track and record progress daily, or at a minimum weekly on Monday evenings or Tuesday AM so we can report leading teams.  

  6. Team captains will be responsible for ensuring all team members are logging their progress in the Google docs spreadsheet available HERE.