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at Nexus Impact Center

About the Workshop

  • Hone your unique VALUE PROPOSITION.

  • Create a SALES PROCESS where one doesn't exist or doesn't work.

  • Set PRIORITIES and keep FOCUSED on selling to the RIGHT CLIENTS.

  • Create a 90-Day GOALS/OBJECTIVES system for accountability. 

  • Learn 3 ways marketing plays a role in the success of your sales process and the 5 FRAMEWORKS to focus on in your marketing efforts.

  • Leverage your PERSONALITY and RELATIONSHIPS to increase sales effectiveness.

  • Leverage your MISSION and VISION of your business to improve sales.

  • Utilize our live PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT web platform.

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Monthly Interactive Peer Workshop @ Nexus

Bob Paden
The Growth Coach

Who will Benefit?

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$299/month (monthly auto-pay using credit card)

Group Discounts are Available

Nexus Member Discount:  $99/month (monthly auto-pay using credit card)



This workshop is sponsored by The Growth Coach of Indianapolis and Nexus Impact Center.  

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Participant Testimonies

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S. Lake, HR Consultant Deep End Talent Strategies


"Relationships Sell was a valuable learning opportunity. Like other small business owners, I hung a shingle for my subject area expertise and then realized that sales and business development are critically important. This program helped me look at sales differently and build approaches that were right for me."


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