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Are you inspired by social entrepreneurs in Indiana? Everyone has a unique calling and yours may be to finance others who are doing good in our state.  Would you consider being a part of the work of Nexus by donating to our mission?


The Covid-19 Pandemic has been felt by our members and tenants that we support through economical space and resources.  We want to continue to foster impact in our community, and need help filling the gap left by social distancing and loss of revenue from space rentals and memberships.  Your donations will help many continue to roll-up their sleeves and work on new and emerging social issues right here in our community! 

Meet a Nexus Member: IREKA SMITH

Ireka Smith is a mom on a mission, using her own life experience as the fuel for her passion.  She is in the planning phase of launching iQ Foster Care Agency.


iQ Foster Care Agency will provide temporary services for children who cannot live with their families. Children in foster care may live with relatives or with unrelated foster parents. But it goes way beyond the basic foster care services to meet the real needs of families.  Her plans include full circle resources for all stakeholders:


  • Recruiting foster parents, then training and licensing then.

  • Programs with foster parents in turn will create safe home environments for children.

  • Ongoing resources for therapeutic services for children.

  • Providing help to the natural families/birth parents.  These programs include parental support, job readiness, training (behavioral supports) and cultivating healthy relationships.


Ireka is like many of our other entrepreneurs and business owners.  Driven, hard-working and resilient.  When you donate to Nexus, you help many impact-driven leaders with equipping, training and resources to help them launch, scale and grow their business!

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Hear from Robin K. Lee, Executive Director, back at the end our launch year in 2020.  She shares reflections on the world's hunger for social impact and investing in your community. 

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