Are you inspired by social entrepreneurs in Indiana? Everyone has a unique calling and yours may be to finance others who are doing good in our state.  Would you consider being a part of the work of Nexus by donating to our mission?


The Covid-19 Pandemic has been felt by our members and tenants that we support through economical space and resources.  We want to continue to foster impact in our community, and need help filling the gap left by social distancing and loss of revenue from space rentals and memberships.  Your donations will help many continue to roll-up their sleeves and work on new and emerging social issues right here in our community! 


Bethsaida Consulting is a full service consulting agency serving the Healthcare, Education, and Social Assistance industries  with a  core competency in Accounting.  Owner Jason Greene says “We live in a world that is divided along the lines of race, economics, policing, and politics. Our society is in need of a solution that bridges gaps and fosters unity. Our non-profit wing, The Bethsaida Group Foundation, is working to create unity by executing an array of community building programs. The group's primary focus will be to distribute scholarship funding to at-risk children with ambitions to obtain a college education or a specialized trade. The supporting programs will include an ongoing police rights training seminar for at risk young people and an ongoing diversity training seminar for white collar professionals. The goal of our foundation will be to maximize the level of confidence within the people we work with. Our research shows that maximum confidence will translate to a higher rate of positive inter-group interactions. We believe that our foundation can help people to succeed in a diverse future.” 

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