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Impact Dashboard

Listen, learn and let your own dreams grow as you strategize on how you can use

your business for social good and engage in genuine sustainable impact!

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“We measure what we value and we celebrate what we want to reproduce.”  


This page is intended to equip and inspire.  While all tenants of Nexus are

required to submit year-end and mid-year impact reports as part of their

lease agreement, we have also opened up impact reporting and awards

to co-working members in 2021! 


Hear more from Robin about how collaboration with both non-profit and

for-profit organizations on social impact can grow out of a

genuine, healthy and life-giving community

How are you embedding social impact?

Impact through Product/Supply

Offering products or services that by nature work to solve social issues like environmental remediation, or technology designed to connect people to giving or serving opportunities.  It also includes providing your product or service to those who cannot afford them as a standard part of your business model like a buy one give one to someone (who can not afford the product service) model.  

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Impact through Giving

Giving a portion of revenues to an organization providing resources, training, or solutions to social causes, or donating products or services to nonprofits or organizations working on social issues.

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Impact through Employment

Prioritizing hiring a marginalized demographic (women, minorities, homeless, disabled, previously incarcerated, etc.).  Setting goals related to hiring and establishing programs to help marginalized people succeed and grow.


Impact through Supply Chain

Executing a formal program for choosing vendors by evaluating diversity, ethics, social equality and carbon footprint. 


Impact through Employee Engagement

Establishing an intentional culture that fosters employee engagement in social impact.  Examples include matching employee giving, offering paid time off for employee volunteering/service, and actively promoting within your staff how the company advances social impact to motivate individuals to find their own passions and areas of impact.

Start-Up Phase Reporting

(Pre income generation - use for both Mid-year & Year-end)
Year-end Reporting

(due February 15th)
Mid-year Reporting

(Due August 16th)
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Nonprofit Reporting

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We believe that earned income enables you to dive into root causes to have long-term impact.  Releasing you from restrictions and requirements for quick “impact” that is often expected from grants and large donors, nonprofits can engage in selling products and services, generating an ongoing revenue streams to fund longer-term solutions. 

Sustainable Revenue


 Nonprofits are generally pretty good at tracking outputs, but to achieve genuine impact that is solving social issues instead of providing temporarily relief, you must have an understanding of root causes, goals on what you are trying to change and a process to measure the longer term impact.  



Year-end Reporting (due February 15th)
Mid-year Reporting 
(Due August 16th)
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Proof that Social Impact Drives Profits

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How great companies B.E.G.I.N. to create optimism, energy and commitment through world-changing goals.


Free Online Resource

Theory of Change and Program Design Toolkit.

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Coaching & Courses

Aspirational Business Model For-profit Businesses

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A guide for faith communities to co-create impact solutions in the world.

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Coaching & Courses

Non-profit Sustainability, Impact Measurement and Board Development.


Nonprofit Board Training

Equip your board to serve with purpose and grow your impact.

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Impact Measurement through the "CART" principles.


Online Courses

Free & paid online classes relating to creating and measuring social impact including  an earned-income accelerator for nonprofits


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

For individuals, teams and boards.

Impact Stories & Awards

In 2020, every company who kept their business running, serving others and employing people should be acknowledged for grit and providing some stability to people in our community who depend on them.  As an added tribute to our inaugural year Impact Award Winners, these awards will carry their names in future years.

2020 Non-Profit Awards

Jo Yocum, VP Field Operations

The Playworks Sustainable Revenue Award

 “Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we know that social-emotional development and physical activity are critical to supporting the educational attainment and emotional well-being of vulnerable students, especially right now."

Playworks revenue model includes charging for coaching, professional development training, workshops, online learning, Corporate Recesses and Corporate Play Days.  This results in an impressive 68% of their revenue coming from earned revenue sources.  

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Derrin Slack, CEO

 The ProAct Indy Impact Measurement Award

“ProAct stands in the gap for vulnerable populations while empowering youth to actively transform their communities.” 


We measure the effectiveness of our programs by collecting data through pre- and post-program assessments from our students, teachers, parents, and community and corporate partners.

We measure and track results through a robust technology system

This measurement and analysis provides us results on.... 

  • Changes in problem solving skills

  • Sense of Fellowship with community members

  • Self-esteem

  • Cultural Competencies

  • Empathy 

  • And Academic Achievements amongst other things for those they engage with.


2020 For Profit Impact Awards


Tellis Impact through Employment Award

We have various companies working on impact through strategic hiring practices that include employing the previously incarcerated, veterans, women and people of color.  These companies include Renewing Management, Seamless Roofing, McCord & Cargile, Wentworth Financial, and Fishhook.  

Tellis is an Executive Search Company.  "As a certified Minority and Women owned business we are an attractive choice for diverse candidates for our clients and our office itself.  We are networked with the Society of Women Engineers, National Society of Black Engineers and National Association of Black MBA's.  Over 30% of the candidates we placed last year were women or people of color."

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Geneva Taylor, Owner

Afterschool HQ Impact Through Core Product/Service Award

Companies who were working on impact through the core product/service they offer in 2020 included Fishhook, Seamless Roofing, Sage, and Wayfinders. Products & services range from environmental remediation to technology leveraged for good.  


Afterschool HQ (AHQ) increases engagement of historically disadvantaged students in after school programs by providing access to programming via technology. Our platform makes it easier for parents to find programs and register their children. We also help to connect philanthropic organizations to programs in order to underwrite the cost of programs for low income students. Data on participation across various demographics is captured and reported to schools, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic organizations so that they can allocate resources in ways that are most effective in reaching targeted groups.

Afterschool HQ

Renewing Management Impact through Giving Award

We have various companies working on Impact through giving and partnering with nonprofits who are doing great work.  These companies include Tellis, Wentworth, Excel Orthopedics, Seamless Roofing, Belief Coffee, and Fetzerhaus Technology.  


Last year Renewing Management gave over $42K to charitable organizations. They have supported Charity Water for 10+ years, each one of their properties sponsors a child from another country, and they purchased winter coats for the women at the Craine house.  They also collected an additional $142K from employees to support their non-profit arm Renewing Communities. These funds helped residents and employees in need throughout the year.

Ethan Fernhaber, Owner

Seamless Roofing Impact Through Employee Engagement

We have various companies working on impact through employee engagement including Fishhook, Tellis, and Renewing Management. These companies have established culture and formalized programs that incent employees to serve, give and pursue their own personal impact.  


“We implemented formal personal development program for our employees by partnering with Wayfinders Consulting. This gave everyone access to personal and professional development covered by Seamless, promoting good health and well being. Through partnership with Wayfinders Consulting, Seamless was able to offer this service to our spouses and sponsor a leader in Elevate Indianapolis. One of our spouses who went through this process was motivated to start a Non-Profit!”  

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Eric Howland (Owner)