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Win Ad Space

Nexus will periodically have surveys, events or volunteer opportunities where you can earn free ad space on our TVs!  Check out current opportunities here:

August Offer:

Take the Member Survey and provide your name at the end to earn 2 free weeks of ad space!

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Criteria for Ads

If you have a product, service, or event you want to advertise outside of the free opportunities then you can pay $30/month to run a promotion on our Nexus tvs that runs 24/7 in the Cafe and Coworking Corner.  We have 84+ member companies and over 180 members at Nexus along with regular bookings in our event and training room that bring in people from the public!  Expand your reach without breaking the bank! 

You can create a slide to submit, or if you have some of the basic logos/elements, we can help you with it.  You may have up to 2 slides or one 20 second video as an ad spot.  


  • Make sure you have a QR Code (email or website as alternative) to call people to action.   

  • Keep it simple - people won't read too many words.

  • Find a hook so people will engage.

Congratulation to Karmen Fink, Ireka Smith and Whitney Parker for being our top engagers in our Private FB Group in June and earning Ad Space!   

Nexus reserves the right to approve or deny advertisement requests based on volume of other promotions at the time to optimize effectiveness, in addition to require changes in language or images that are not consistent with our values and mission.

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