Technology & Resetting Guide

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Trouble shooting sound:

A.  Running sound from a computer - make sure you have the sound cord from the computer sound output  plugged into the sound board.

B.  No Sound from Mics - If the mics aren’t working, check 3 things that could be the issue:

  1. The right receiver for the mic you are using is plugged in to the sound board and turned on (light will be on the receiver) - see images in tech instructions for which receiver goes with which mic.

  2. The sound board is on and the sound is turned up for the channel which the receiver is in.

  3. The speaker cords are plugged in fully to the speakers and the sound board.

  4.  Make sure the mics are turned on (light and numbers come on).  If they don't there are extra batteries in the tech bag.

Event Room Do's and Don'ts 

Return as found & get your deposit refunded


1.  Ensure all 12 tables are back in place (use the tape on the ground to center tables) and 5 chairs are around each and pushed in.

2.  Wipe down tables and reset centerpieces as shown.

3. Place skinny white tables along back wall, along with the tall square table often used for check-in.

4.  Front of Room Word Wall:  One tv should be put in front of each of the yellow columns.  Speakers should be at the edge of the word wall.  

5.. Tech table, 2nd small portable table and white board should all be to the left of the word wall as pictured.

6. Empty trash and take to dumpster on east end of building.  Place new can liners in the trash cans.  Extras are kept on the skinny white table closest to the West entrance.

7.  Empty ice and water out of the portable ice chest.  You can dump it in the low utility drain in the utility closet next to the mens rooms in the main hallway.

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1.  Don't leave any chairs on the back wall or the entry way.
2.  Don't leave chairs randomly scattered behind the bar - stack them and put them behind the wood wall.
3.  Don't leave partition screens in front of the wood wall - they go back on the west end of the room
4.  Don't leave table tops or chairs messy.
5.  Don't put ice in the electric ice chest - it is like a refrigerator and does not need ice.


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More Questions or Issues?

Find the Nexus manager on site. 
If they are not there, you can call