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We are committed to giving valuable information to attendees to help in different areas of their businesses. Each month, a different presenter will focus on tangible tools that attendees can implement right away. Attendees will gain a substantial experience, and there will be room for networking at each event! The socials will be centered around rotating categories including the following: leadership, business growth, and embedding social impact into your business model.




Nexus Impact Center Cafe

Coffee and lite breakfast

Thursday, April 18 | 9-10am

5 Landmines in Cross-Cultural Communication & How You Can Avoid Them

Traver Butcher 
All Shores Consulting

Featuring Traver Butcher with All Shores Consulting.


Our society is increasingly growing in its cross-cultural diversity and it can be difficult to manage communication between such a vast group of people. Whether local or global in focus, businesses will need to learn how to interact with multiple cultures in order to stay relevant. Learn how you can avoid (or learn from) the various landmines that come with communicating cross-culturally.

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