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We are committed to giving valuable information to attendees to help in different areas of their businesses. Each month, a different presenter will focus on tangible tools that attendees can implement right away. Attendees will gain a substantial experience, and there will be room for networking at each event! The socials will be centered around rotating categories including the following: leadership, business growth, and embedding social impact into your business model.




Nexus Impact Center Cafe

Coffee and lite breakfast

Thursday, April 13 | 9-10am

Topic:  Networking with Intentionality

Focusing on networking with intentionality. Having a purpose greater than collecting business cards. Creating the purpose that fits your business success. You will leave with a plan to enhance the value of your networking and expand your thinking while collaborating with others.


Patty Pavey | Today's the Day Coaching & Hypnosis

Patty has a love for connecting people and teaching networking skills.  She wrote a networking book and has been teaching networking workshops for many years.  Empowering business professionals how to embrace "Know, Like and Trust" while building strong referral partners.

Thursday, May 11 | 9-10am

Panel Discussion: 
Embedding Social Impact via your Supply Chain

Social impact can be embedded into your business model in many ways including by intentional purchasing and procurement processes.  Processes that focuses on procurement of goods and services considering environmentally friendly materials, socially responsible companies, as well as opportunity for diverse providers in your material and service supply chain.  Join the interactive discussion with these professionals about where to start and get ideas to on how to move forward with embedding social impact through your supply chain.

Lesley Crane | Thought Kitchen LLC


Lesley is a consultant who works on many different topics, including supplier diversity. Her passion was fostered during her time as Commissioner at the Indiana Department of Administration, which houses the Division of Supplier Diversity. It is the largest certifying agency in the state, certifying Minority/Women/Veteran/ entities for the State of Indiana.

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Daryle Johnson | Ideation to Valuation

​Daryle designed a program that helped more than 112 diverse companies grow and scale in 2022. He helps XBE and small business owners create strategies for growth as well as personal freedom goals.

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Terry Dove Pittman | The Gideon Group

As the Chief Strategy Officer, Terry partners with start-up micro-enterprises, social enterprises and nonprofits who know they need to enhance their brand in order to achieve the success they seek through enhancing their brand position and illuminating procurement opportunities.

Patty Pavey | Today's the Day Coaching & Hypnosis

Thursday, June 8 | 9-10am

Topic: How to Leverage a Virtual Assistant


Jenny Baker | OfficeJenie

Are you working around the clock, doing everything from high-level projects –like goal-setting, strategizing, and networking; to routine, everyday tasks –responding to voicemails, managing your blog, and answering customer support requests?


Maybe you’ve considered a Virtual Assistant (VA), but aren’t really sure how to get started and/or how much you can hand off to focus on the things only you can do.

Jenny has 13 years of experience working as a Virtual Assistant. She wants to come alongside you and help you move forward in your business. OfficeJenie are here to help with all those administrative tasks that don’t get done, or that could be done better. All that admin work that FEELS like WORK to you . . . that’s the work we love to do!

Thursday, July 13 | 9-10am

Topic:  Healthy Boundaries &
Self Care (tentative)

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Speaker to be Determined

Unfortunately, burnout, stress, and overwhelm have become part of everyday life for high-achieving professionals.  Especially when they are passionate about their work or the cause they support.   Sometimes we just need to pause, listen, and recommit to our own health.  You may rationalize you are in a season where you have to focus on the business, but Relaxation, Exercise, Attitude, Diet. It's a simple recipe for well-being and prosperity in life as well as business.

Thursday, August 10 | 9-10am

Panel Discussion: Impact through Employment

Engage with a panel of business owners who have embedded social impact into their business models through employment.  Companies that have programs and strategies in place to not just offer employment to diverse candidates, but also to people who may find fair employment hard to find like previously incarcerated, veterans and people with disabilities.

Jamie Brown | Brown Counseling


James specializes in affordable addiction counseling recognizing that most members of society that have substance use problems have very little money or none at all. Working to provide coping skills to help them return to the mainstream of society without the use of substances, James will be provide a counselors perspective on considerations when building programs for hard to employe demographics.  


Sam Glanders | SAGE LLC

Sam is a proud member of the Special Forces community who embraces the importance of planning, structure, logistics, experience & commitment. SAGE focuses on Veteran employment and outreach as well as support to navigate the transition process from active duty to the civilian world through things like mentorship, collaborating with companies while hiring, and helping with resume writing. 

Ethan Fernhaber | Renewing Management


Ethan has established employment programs for both previously incarcerated and recovery addicts.  His company, Renewing Management, has over 5 year of hiring people coming out of incarceration. They have a subcontractor with 30 years of IDOC experience that goes behind bars for interviews and job offers. Additionally, they have a passport of employment to hire those who have found freedom from their addiction.

Thursday, September 14 | 9-10am

Topic:  Search Engine Optimization (tentative)

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Speaker to be Determined

To optimize a website for search engine rankings, you need SEO.  

Sadly though, what SEO strategy worked wonders for you 5 years ago, may be redundant in 2022.


Google is constantly updating its algorithms.  When ranking factors change, you need to change your optimization techniques as well.  

We'll have a seasoned marketing professional who has expertise with SEO to share the latest trends and tips you can use immediately.

Thursday, October 12 | 9-10am

Topic:  How to Avoid Burnout? (tentative)

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Speaker to be Determined

With communication coming at us from different channels and high expectations, we feel the need to be everywhere these days. Learning how to manage our daily tasks and still enjoy life can feel overwhelming. Learn tips on how to avoid burnout.

Thursday, November 9 | 9-10am

Panel Discussion:
Impact through Employee Engagement

Engage with a panel of business owners who have embedded social impact into their business models through employment engagement programs and strategies.  Learn how they have worked to establish intentional cultures that foster employee engagement in social impact.  Examples include matching employee giving, offering paid time off for employees to volunteer and serve, and motivating employees to find their own passions and areas of impact to pursue. 

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Speakers to be Determined

Thursday, December 14 | 9-10am

Topic:  Business Goal Setting for the New Year!

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Katrina Simmons | Gifted Minds

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