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We are committed to giving valuable information to attendees to help in different areas of their businesses. Each month, a different presenter will focus on tangible tools that attendees can implement right away. Attendees will gain a substantial experience, and there will be room for networking at each event! The socials will be centered around rotating categories including the following: leadership, business growth, and embedding social impact into your business model.




Nexus Impact Center Cafe

Coffee and lite breakfast

Thursday, October 12 | 9-10am


Monica Wearren | Good Moves

STRETCH GOALS is an interactive session that explores the untapped
potential of mindful breathing and stretching. By exploring the
science-backed benefits of these practices, participants will gain valuable
insights into how they positively impact physical and mental well-being,
leading to enhanced focus, reduced stress, and increased productivity.
Attendees will try out a variety of breath and stretch techniques that foster
self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and resilience — essential qualities
for personal growth and professional success.

Monica's passion is working with wellbeing leaders, medical practices and health care associations to create programs for whole-person care, improve health outcomes and support the development of resilient communities. She also enjoys helping individuals through assisted stretching and the 6-8 yoga/stretch classes she teaches each week. She is a Certified Professional of Talent Development, certified Stretch Practitioner and registered RYT200 instructor of Yoga, Spirituality & Wellness. She will be a certified Yoga Therapist in 2024. This work is her sweet spot, as it is the intersection of what she has done professionally, experienced personally, and how she makes a difference every day.

Thursday, November 9 | 9-10am

Panel Discussion:
Impact through Employee Engagement

Engage with a panel of business owners who have embedded social impact into their business models through employment engagement programs and strategies.  Learn how they have worked to establish intentional cultures that foster employee engagement in social impact.  Examples include matching employee giving, offering paid time off for employees to volunteer and serve, and motivating employees to find their own passions and areas of impact to pursue. 

Derrin Slack headshot.jpeg

Derrin Slack | ProAct Indy

Derrin is the Founder and CEO of ProAct Indy, an Indiana nonprofit

organization that connects youth and professional groups to community service opportunities. With over 10 years of experience in nonprofit management and leadership, Derrin has led ProAct Indy in engaging over 30,000 boys and girls, community leaders, and business professionals in more than 75,000 hours of community service. He is also a podcast host, speaker, and thought leader who shares insights and stories on social impact, diversity, and leadership.


Leah Norton | Fishhook

Leah is a wife and a mother, and she is active in her church and several groups where she loves serving, connecting and growing with others. In her work, she is the Managing Partner at Fishhook, a communications and marketing agency that is focused on serving churches and ministries. She has been part of her team and leading for the past 18 years.


Brandon Faust | Wayfinders

Brandon Faust is a passionate advocate for community empowerment and positive change. As the co-founder and Executive Director of Wayfinders, a non-profit dedicated to self-discovery, training, and launching impactful initiatives, Brandon is committed to helping individuals find their path to making a difference. He's a co-founder and Partner at Switchback, an Indianapolis-based company focused on unlocking organizational potential and prioritizing people in our ever-evolving world. With a Masters Degree in Leadership and experience as an adjunct professor, Brandon brings valuable insights to leadership development. His core mission is to guide people in navigating their journey towards meaningful impact, overcoming burnout, and fostering a life of freedom.

Thursday, December 14 | 9-10am

Topic:  Business Goal Setting for the New Year!

Katrina Simmons.jpeg

Katrina Simmons | Gifted Minds, LLC

Legal Business Consultant and Growth Strategist specializing in legal business protection, formation and expansion.

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