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We are committed to giving valuable information to attendees to help in different areas of their businesses. Each month, a different presenter will focus on tangible tools that attendees can implement right away. Attendees will gain a substantial experience, and there will be room for networking at each event! The socials will be centered around rotating categories including the following: leadership, business growth, and embedding social impact into your business model.




Nexus Impact Center Cafe

Coffee and lite breakfast

Thursday, December 14 | 9-10am

Topic: End-of-Year Small Business Legal Review

Katrina Simmons.jpeg

Katrina Simmons | Gifted Minds, LLC

Legal Business Consultant and Growth Strategist specializing in legal business protection, formation and expansion.

As we approach the close of another year, there's no better time to ensure your business stands on firm legal ground. Join us for a session packed with value, insights, and actionable takeaways to ensure your business remains resilient, legally compliant, and ready for a prosperous new year!


We'll evaluate potential risks and benefits to ensure optimal protection and operational efficiency. Get proactive protection by knowing the best defense is a good offense. Equip your business with the legal tools and knowledge to prevent legal headaches before they happen. Also receive legal expert insights to your business no matter the size, industry, or unique circumstances.


This session will navigate business owners through the intricate maze of business laws and regulations with clarity and confidence. Prepare your business for tomorrow's challenges by addressing potential issues today and gain peace of mind knowing you're shielded from unforeseen pitfalls and challenges.

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