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Congratulations Daniel Eccles (aka Pat)

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You're Journey Begins.....

  • We asked the experts and local podcast hosts for the facts, the challenges and the results they've experienced in their podcasting journey so you can gauge what it really takes - no sugar coating here.​​

  • Utilize the Podcasting Journey Facebook Group to continue the conversation, ask more questions and share more resources amongst the group

  • Click the image of the guest below to link to their website or podcast and find out more about their work and passions!

Tools & Resources


See tools & resources recommended by guests 

Editing & Equip

See tools & resources recommended by guests


See tools & resources recommended by guests

Legal & Ethics

Tools & resources

recommended by guests

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Week 1:  Recording (click Here for zoom recording)

Expert Rachel Downey of Share Your Genius is a storyteller and podcast strategist.   Resources recommended by Rachel:

  1. Show Planner by Share Your Genius  - email

  2. Pacific Content- Newsletter for thought leadership 

  3. Zencastr - Recording software for remote interviewing  

​4.  Descript -  transcription, screen recorder, publishing, full multitrack editing, and some mind-bendingly useful AI tools.

5.  Headliner makes it easy to create social media videos from your existing audio, video, text, or start from scratch using free images, videos, gifs, and music to use in promoting your podcast  

6.  Libsyn - host provider 

Local Host:  Carla Taylor, host of
Bring Your Brilliance Podcast, is a LinkedIn Strategist and Executive Coach.   Free and economical resources recommended by Carla:

1. - visuals/graphics/promo 

2.  Garage Band - editting

3. - Great place to find    professional & economical voice person for intros/outs


Expert Guest:  Jen Edds is the Head-Broad-in-Charge at The Brassy Broadcasting Company.  Resources recommended by Jen:

1. - Ultimate Guide to Jen's favorite podcasting tools & resources. 

2.  BrassyBroadJen YouTube channel for Podcasting Tutorials.

Local Host:  Steve Roseman co-host of the Donaide Podcast. Recommendations from Steve:

Youtube video with great Marketing Tips (Ed Mylet interview with Billy Gene. 


Websites you can find music on the emotion you are trying to trigger:

Week 2: Editing & Equipment 

                                       (click Here for zoom recording)

3.  Favorite Mic - Samsung Q2U Microphone - $69 on Amazon

4.  Zoom Podtrack P4 - Ultimate 4 port recorder for podcasting $199 

5. - royalty free music

Jen also recommends Descript, Libsyn and Fiverr that are linked above in week 1 recommendations. 


Expert Guest:  David Hooper is a media marketing expert based in Nashville, TN.  Resources recommended by David:

  1. - similar to canvass for vide

  2. - 2 hrs free to cleanup sound

  3. RX Elements - cleans up sound on zoom calls - takes 3 minutes.  Regularly on sale for $30 now usually $130David shared this video showing how to use RX Elements to cleans up zoom calls

  4. 28-Day Podcast Jumpstart and More 


Local Host:  Vicki Bohlsen host of
Taking Care in Business Podcast. Recommendations from Vicki:

1.  Don't post to social media organically.  Use a        scheduler like

2.  Feel free to email Vicki to set up a call to chat       about your podcast         

Week 3: Marketing 

                                       (click Here for zoom recording)

Week 4:  Legal & Ethics

Expert Guest:  Kelley Keller, Esq. and host of The Trademark Girl Podcast.


Kelley's recommended resources:


Local Host:  Derrin Slack CEO of ProAct Indy and host of Stood in the Gap Podcast.

Derrin's recommended resource:

Book on storytelling that helped him do better interviews:  Out on Wire by Jessica Abel and Ira Glass


From Robin:  Ethical Storytelling is an organization that is working to engage the complex and messy conversation around how we tell stories in the social impact space, seeking to bring it back to constituent first, donor second.  Check out their resources here if you are telling stories or doing interviews that include trauma/victims. 


Ethical storytelling places an emphasis on leveraging dignity,  and placing a priority on healing and protection of victims

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