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Hear from our Executive Director Robin Lee about what is brewing in Indiana around Social Impact and how Indiana has all the right ingredients to become a powerhouse leader in using business for good.



  • A 501(c)3 Social Enterprise that uses our revenue to further social impact

  • A like-minded community that cares just as much about knowing others as being known

  • A shared power, anti-racist, and multi-cultural organization 

  • A community of people that believe collective impact has greater potential than going it alone



  • A place to judge others or place your work as a higher value than others

  • Legalistic and all about the mighty dollar by locking you into long-term, binding contracts.

  • A place decked out with rock walls, yoga studios and pedicures – those things drive up costs and our goal is to keep everything as economical as possible while providing a great place to work.

frequently asked


I’m not a social enterprise or “impact” organization – am I welcome here?
YES, no matter your business, you can utilize the co-working space. However, we rent Micro-offices and Impact Suites to members who are pursuing impact as part of their business. We do this because we desire to see organizations use their work for good!  Learn more about what is considered an impact business organization here. Don’t have an Impact Statement? We’re on it! We’ll help you hone your passions and identify an impact area that makes sense in your business model.

What is the difference between Nexus and other co-working spaces in town?
Our focus is on social impact, gathering like-minded people, and resourcing our members with skills, services, and business partners for accelerated impact.

How do you foster genuine community?
We recognize genuine community goes beyond occupying the same space or exchanging professional services.  We will actively introduce members and offer social events, roundtables, and discussion groups designed to engage our members. Together we can do so much!

What is your affiliation with Mercy Road Church?
Mercy Road is our landlord and occupies the first floor.  Nexus is a separate 501(c)(3) organization. 

Can every organization really have social impact?
YES! Every organization can embed strategies into their business model that leads to positive change in the world.


Do you welcome all people?
YES! Our desire is to bring together people of different ages, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion and hair color (ha!) to foster higher levels of creativity and sustainable impact.


More Questions?
We would love to chat!  Email us at

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